Hotel Furniture Restoration & Repair

Hospitality Asset Preservation

Cost Effective hotel furniture restoration, repair, refinishing, construction, touch-up, recoloring & laminating

Faux & Specialty Finishes

Custom Faux Finishes offer an amazing variety in dramatic paint-based effects and design options. Our professionals have the talent, experience and creativity to provide the most time-honored techniques as well as the latest trends. Below is just a sample of our past projects and capabilities. We work with our decorators and clients to help create a warm natural feel in sometimes-large empty spaces or perhaps help bridge the gap between conflicting furniture characteristics. Whatever the need and application, we have everything you need to bring your concept to fruition.

The photos below are an example of the projects we have worked on and there is more than meets the eye. Faux wood, antique flooring, aged copper paneling and most all the furniture finishes, just about everything shown that has a tone, was hand painted or created exclusively for my clients by myself and team.  Nothing is out of bounds, and is much more cost effective than you may believe. Please call me and let me know what I can do for you!  (click on the photo's for a larger view)

For a personalized proposal or more information, please contact Louis Jensen at 503-713-8348