Hotel Furniture Restoration & Repair

Hospitality Asset Preservation

Specializing in on-site hotel furniture restoration, repair, refinishing, construction, touch-up, recoloring, Laminating & fine custom finishes.

Durable                 Accurate                 Dependable                Responsive

Why should you restore your hotel assets with Jensen & Son LLC?  We’ve got plenty of good reasons and they might make you think twice about purchasing all new furniture.

Cost Effective

First, the line that all businesses are interested is the bottom one.  Restoring your existing hotel furniture saves you money and allot of it.  Our unique restoration processes are not only cost effective, but designed to last longer than any other the industry and we back it up with a twelve month guarantee. Even if you believe your furniture is beyond restoration, it probably has more life left then you may expect.  We are committed to offering quality, long-lasting in-room work that flows seamlessly with your renovation schedule or day-to-day operations.

The average cost of furniture for a single standard guest-room is upwards of $2500. per room including all the hidden cost such as; procurement fees, furniture disposal, warehousing, moving expenses, the list goes on and on.  The cost of completing our rejuvenation service for that same room is well under two hundred dollars, that's over a 95% savings to your replacement budget.  If your interested in our complete restoration process, which includes complete spray refinishing, toning, new hardware, you could save an astounding 80% of your renovation budget while updating your furnitures appearance and providing a stronger more durable protective finish than most new products available on the market today.  

Alt TextEnvironmentally Responsible

Environmentally Responsible

Another reason to consider restoring your old Hotel furniture is for the environmental benefits. Hotel furniture uses a great deal of lumber and other natural resources, as well requires more energy to make than it does to restore furniture, meaning less CO2 is released into the atmosphere. For example, providing new furniture for a 100 room hotel would release about 125.32 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. By comparison, restoring the old hotel furniture would only release 1.24 tons of CO2. That’s a significant difference and really speaks to the benefits of choosing a restoration process over replacement.

In order to keep your new guest rooms looking remodeled fresh and help double your case-goods intended life-cycle, we are pleased to offer our exclusive annual service contracts with 24/7 care for as little as $49. per key. please contact a representative for more details.

For a personalized proposal or more information, please contact Louis Jensen at 503-713-8348